Exhibition in the Auditorio in Velas

Exhibition in the Auditorio in Velas

From July 3 to 6 Pieter will have an exhibition of paintings, drawings and watercolors in the Auditorio in Velas. The exhibition is part of the Semana Cultural in Velas. The theme of the exhibition is "Nossa Cultura vista de Fora"  (Our culture as seen from outside). 

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Vitruvius Man

I still believe

in the old Renaissance ideal of the universal man, not in the sense of knowing everything about everything but as the ambition to understand universal structures from different perspectives.

The study of the category of information forms a unifying paradigm between science and the humanities. Art, science and business, all deal with information. Understanding the concept of information and the way it is processed in our brain is one of the main scientific challenges of our time. It is also one of the main sources of innovations in the study of art.

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