Some highlights in Software development


  • 2011-2015 Complexity measures for e-science (Commit, Data2Semantics, P23, Wp1)
  • 2004-2009 AIDA toolbox in the VL-e project
  • 1997-2005: Robosail, an adaptive autopilot for racing yachts. In 2013 the Robosail yacht was bought by Terje Nilsen who manged to get the old Java code running again and is continuing the development. 
  • 1999: EMILE 4.0 a grammar induction toolbox with Marco Vervoort. Mail me if you want a copy. The program is hopelessly outdated, but has historical value for some.
  • 1997: Adaptive Systems Management, using datamining to do system management (Syllogic, Perot Systems).
  • 1996: Instant Composer Tool, with Maarten van den Dungen, a tool for automatic composition of music. Here you can find some compositions. 
  • 1993: Captains, a pilot career planning application for KLM at Syllogic. It was the first fielded application of Genetic Algorithms. Still in use by KLM (2014). 
  • 1990: Syllogic Knowledge Sheet, a visual programming environment at Syllogic. Written in BIM prolog, Seamless interface with Oracle Database and Motif Graphical Interface on IBM AIX systems. 
  • 1989: OBIS (For the SLO at Info'Products, Later with Syllogic). An expert system for vocational training, written in SD Prolog, complete with graphical Interface (on an ASCII screen).