Projects under construction 

  • An English version of the Painting for the Brain book is under its way. All the chapters have been translated and I'm working on new material. 
  • We are preparing a book about my artistic work on the Azores. Here is an essay for this project: Painting on the Azores. 
  • In 2008 I created a comic character called João o Cagarro for the newspaper O Triangulo and started a monthly story "João o Cagarro e o segredo de Santa Barabara". Unfortunately the journal stopped after about a year so only 7 pages were finished, but the material is still there and one of these years I hope to find time to finish it.  Here is a page from the story. 
  • I wrote an essay about the disgraceful affair around the official portaits of our king WIllem Alexander: De teloorgang van de Nederlandse Portretkunst (The Demise of Dutch Portraiture - in Dutch). 

Art Exhibitions and Presentations (a selection)

2020  Group Exposition 5 x 7 x 2,5. Small work of the size of a matchbox. 
2019 March, Solo Exhibition Faces of São Jorge, Museu Francisco de Laçerda, Calheta, São Jorge. 
2019 January, Solo exhibition 'Aanmodderen' Lambooijhuis Hengelo. 
2018 March, Solo Exposition O Mágico dos Açores,  Casa Manuel de Arriaga, Horta, Azores. 
2016 January, february, Exposition 'Horozontes' Museu dos Baleeiros, Lajes, Montanha Festival, Pico. 
2015 September, October, Solo Exhibition, Veldhoven Interieurs, Bilthoven
2015 Start Painting classes in "Atelier de Kaasfabriek" Santo Antonio, São Jorge 
2015 August, presentairton Viola da Terra, at the Azores Fringe Festival,  Madelena, Pico (with Raimundo Leonardes and Renato Bettencourt) 
2015 July, Opening Permanant exhibition in "Atelier de Kaasfabriek" Santo Antonio, São Jorge 
2015 July, Esbocos da Ilha, Solo exhibition, Auditório Municipal e Centro Cultural das Velas, São Jorge
2014 Solo exhibition, 50 Jaar inspiratie, in De Blauwe Meije. Zegveld
2014 July, Nossa Cultura vista da fora, Solo exhibition, Auditório Municipal e Centro Cultural das Velas, São Jorge
2014 June, Exhibition at Carré d'Artistes, Den Haag
2014 May, Exhibition, Kunst in Kockengen, Kockengen
2013 Solo Exhibition Beauforthuis Zeist (Vernissage February 24)
2012 Release Songs from an island CD 
2012 Duo exhibition Galerie Peter Leen
2011 Solo exhibition "De blauwe Meije"
2011 Inauguration two large paintings Bijlmer Police Station Amsterdam
2010 Release Blues op klompen CD
2009 Solo Exhibition Werelds Gallery, Rotterdam
2009 Solo Exhibition Auditório Municipal e Centro Cultural das Velas, São Jorge
2009 Solo Exhibition Adriaans Gallery Kockengen
2007 Paradiso public lecture, The work of art as a number
2007 Impetus public lecture
2006 Solo Overview Exhibition Amersfoort 40 years of painting
2001 Digital Exposure: Installation Remembrance machine
1999 Kwintessens, television program, Learning systems
1998 Release of the Pacer CD
1997 Performance Cyberslag Groningen, ICT Composer Tool
1996 Performance SJU Jazz Podium, ICT Composer Tool
1987 Solo exhibition Romko Gallery Breukelen
1987 Group Exhibition Hofpoort Ziekenhuis Woerden
1977 Solo exhibition Pelikaanhof Leiden