Rare songs

Some songs that were never properly released and some rare recordings

Life is bitch

For a long time a had a blues band with my brother Ewout. It was called Bottle Steel $ Company. I was Bottle, he was Steel, or the other way around. I don't remember. Anyway, this is one of the few surviving recordings and it makes clear why it was such a great pleasure to play in this band. 

A live show somewhere in 1995

Nothing to loose

This songs deals with my fascination for the sea. It was part of a larger project called Power Rag. Frans and I wanted to revive an electric version of the old ragtime guitar style of Reverend Gary Davis and his peers. We recorded master tapes, but then the studio went bankrupt and the tapes were lost. Some songs we still have in a premix. (The song has been re-recorded for our new  BasAlt project: Songs From An Island).

Rhythm is a poison
This is one of the most curious songs I ever recorded. I had written a song that was basically only a two-chord riff. I did not know what to do with it. We recorded a base track, but we thought we would never use it. Then we had some extra studio time and my brother Ewout proposed to make the song in to story of two sailors that visit a night club. Listen to our unbridled imagiation, complete with Wendy Double D, a drum solo that goes nowhere, ditto guitar solo and a grande finale.