World Premiere of the Azorean Suite

Renato BettencourtA suite of five pieces for classical orchestra Inspired by the Azores and composed by Pieter Adriaans. The world premiere will be by the Vechtstreek Symphonie Orkest on september the 27th 2014 in theatre 4en 1 in Breukelen (20.15 h.). Guest of honour is Renato Bettencourt, a player of the Viola da Terra from the island of São Jorge. With Greetje Falkenhagen reciting portuguese poems (by Carlos Faria and Vittorino Nemésio) and the dance group 'As lavradeiras'. Tickets can be ordered at:

Read more about this composition in the  story behind the Azorean Suite.

The Azorean Suite consists of five parts:


Poster SuiteInfo about Madrudaga. Listen to the Mp3 Midi versionof Madrugada


Info About Tempestade. Listen to the Mp3 Midi Version of Tempestade


Info about Burlesque. Listen to the Mp3 Midi Version of Burlesque


Info about Chamarrita. Listen to the Mp3 Midi Version of Chamarrita 


Info about Tourada. Listen to the Mp3 Midi Version of Tourada