A study trip to Mamoní Valley

A study trip to Mamoní Valley

Last year we were invited by Nathan Garay, co-executive director of the EarthTrain foundation, to become involved with the Geoversity project. So we have just spent 3 marvelous weeks in Panama, learning more about GeoversityEarthTrain  and the City of Knowlegde projects. We are excited about the partnership between Geoversity and Atelier de Kaas Fabriek and the plans to create a Geoversity Atlantic Field station at São Jorge. Pieter spent extra time in the jungle of Mamoní Valley to make watercolors. You can see the results here.

The mission of Geoversity is "collaboration for learning from Nature and in creating community, enterprise and creative expression that encourages and thrives on biological and cultural diversity". During our trip it became clear that we share a lot of values, specifically the idea that a balance between art, science and business is important. We look forward to working with Geoversity i the coming years.


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